How to use the internet to easily get more business...

Turning website visitors
in to buying customers to earn
you more money

Business owners take note! Visitors to your website
are genuinely interested in what you do. Give them a reason to take action and to contact you right now ... not your competitors.

How to build profitable relationships with your website visitors


4 Top Tips for Website Success

Convert more visitors to buyers by attracting the right kind of visitors in the first place.
Promote an irresistable offer and ask for contact details to build your prospect list.
Use video to build credibility, rapport and trust.
Keep in touch with your prospect list, so that you stay in their minds until they are ready to buy.
  • Call To Action! Get people to interact with you
  • Using video increases conversions by up to 64%
  • Promote your loyalty programs & special offers

How to easily add these features to boost your profitablity

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Smart bars which display at the top of any page, with forms, buttons, countdown timers and specific calls to action.
Use opt-ins to build lists of interested prospects. Get people fill in their details to receive a download.
Video can increase conversions by 60% or more, but you need to grab your viewers attention within 5 seconds.
Most businesses run special offers at times. They should be highly prominent on your website & time limited.
Over half of web browsing is from mobiles and soon Google will only display mobile friendly sites for mobile searches.
Do you run a loyalty program? If not, set one up. It's easy. Then you can keep in touch & send out regular offers.
Know how many visitors you get and what they do on your site, by installing and regularly checking Google Analytics.
Using Facebook adverts & targeting them effectively can bring you great results. The rules are strict and ever changing though.

Do you know how many people visit your website?

Google Analytics can tell you lots of useful information about your website viewers, such as ...
  • How many website visits you get
  • How long vistors stay on your website
  • Where they come from
  • Which pages they view
  • What devices they use

... and a lot more

Do you have Google Analytics installed? Do you analyse the data? If not, then you are missing out on opportunities to improve the success of your website. We highly recommend that you use Google's free analytics tools, so that you can make the right decisions about your website and online marketing.

If you need help setting it up and analyzing the data, please call us on 01923 866022.


How Does Your Website Look on Mobile Devices?

From April 21st 2015 Google will be downgrading mobile search rankings for websites that are not considered mobile friendly. Use our mobile checker to see how yours will fare.

responsiveWith over half of all web searches being made from mobile devices now, it is more important than ever that websites display and work well on mobiles as well as desktop computers and tablets.

Displaying well on a mobile means that it should be easy to navigate without tiny text that you need to zoom in and out of to view and read easily. There are different ways to do that.  One is to have a responsive website that 'responds' to the size of the screen and displays your whole website on the screen. An alternative is to have mobile version of the site that gets served up to mobile visitors. 

For large sites a responsive design can mean that there is a lot of data to display on small screens requiring lots of scrolling up and down. That's why a separate mobile version of your website, designed specifically for mobile users can often be a better solution. Plus it is usually much cheaper solution too.

Google really don't mind which type of mobile solution you have in place, either a responsive site or a separate mobile version of your website. However, they are quite clear, that if you want them to display your website in the search results for mobile searches, then you must have a mobile friendly option in place. Have you?

If you're not sure how your website looks on mobile devices and whether Google consider it to be mobile friendly ... then check your site on our mobile simulator.

Marketing Online: Our 4 Step Success Formula


It's easy when you know how and you have the right tools.
Follow these 4 simple steps to success without any need to re-code your website.

Step 1

  • Install Google Analytics to monitor success
Step 2

  • Engage Your Audience with offers and video
Step 3

  • Ask them to take action with buttons & sign-ups
Step 4

  • Market Market Maket don't be shy!

OK, that may sound 'easier said than done' but it really just needs a little planning, preparation and implementation and the rewards will be massive for your business.

You'll want to be sure that when you spend money on promotion, that you achieve the best return on investment possible. That's why tracking and monitoring are so important and why we work with you to get the right mix of traditional and modern marketing methods in place.  At Vizzibiliti we keep marketing simple for your success, our aims are to:

  • be sure that your website is being found by the the right people, who are searching for what you do
  • make sure you to engage with prospects and get them to engage with you in return, so that you don't lose their potential custom
  • help you to understand the psychology of buyers, both online and offline
  • show you some simple tools to help you increase and monitor conversions
  • help you to implement the tools that will work best for you and best fit your budget
  • help you to monitor your success so that you no longer wonder if your efforts are being wasted
  • ensure that you only embark on profitable marketing

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