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Taking money online

by admin
The value of online transactions in the UK has virtually double in just 4 years, since 2012.  So, what's the best way for small businesses such as yours, to take payments for sales you make online? If your business already has a merchant account, then you'll have plenty of choices and advice from your bank or merchant provider; but if you're a small business who doesn't have a need for a merchant account or perhaps you don't have the track record required to get one, then you might be wondering…

Website Engagement

by admin
How successful is your website at converting casual browsers in to buying customers? Do you even know? If you're not sure, then don't worry because finding that information is not too difficult.   Once you have it, you can make the right choices about what to do next to make your website work for you. The key questions are:- what are people searching for to find you how easily are you found how long do people stay on your website how many pages do they view are the right people visiting your website…