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Website Engagement

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How successful is your website at converting casual browsers in to buying customers? Do you even know?

If you’re not sure, then don’t worry because finding that information is not too difficult.   Once you have it, you can make the right choices about what to do next to make your website work for you.

The key questions are:-

  • what are people searching for to find you
  • how easily are you found
  • how long do people stay on your website
  • how many pages do they view
  • are the right people visiting your website
  • why do they leave

One thing is for sure, customer engagement is key.  Engagement can take many forms but two of the most effective are: using video and giving things away, such as discount coupons, special offers and free gifts. A good video, is the closest thing that you can have to a real live sales person, demonstrating what you do and building rapport with website visitors.  Giving people an incentive to sign-up to something via your website can increase opt-ins by over 60%.  And the secret ingredient for super success with both, is to ask people to actually do something, i.e., include a Call To Action.

Featuring  on page 1 of Google is the internet equivalent of having a prime high street location. But just like a shop in a prime location, there is more to success than simple positioning.

On the High Street, if you want people to come in, then your shop front must look good.  If you want them to stay, you must entice them further in and have polite engaging staff.  If you want them to buy, then you must offer great value and superb customer service.  And, if you want them to come back then you must remind them that you’re still there on a regular basis.

It’s just the same on the web.  Until now, it’s only been those with deep pockets that have been able to afford the necessary levels of functionality and spohistication that can turn visitors in to customers. But now, thanks to some fantastic innovations, it is simpler than ever for anyone to raise their game and turn website visitors in to genuine prospects and customers. Sound like a great idea, but don’t know where to start? No problem … we can help you.

The first step is to know how many visitors you get, and if you don’t already have Google Analytics installed, then that needs to be your first action. Only when you have your visitor data to hand, can you make the right decisions about your priorities.  Will your priority be to get more web traffic to your site first or do you already have enough traffic, enabling you to concentrate on converting more of your visitors to buyers?  No matter what your first priority is, we can help you to get going and then show you the way forward.

Whatever needs to be setup to make your website work for you, we can either show you how to do it yourself or we can do it for you.  Your choice!

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